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Asked to be adoptive parent...

My cousin's friend had her ask me if I'd want to adopt her baby, my cousin did so knowing that I have been trying/wanting another baby for close to 7 years now. What I know of the birth mom is that she already has one daughter and is 6 weeks pregnant. She is wanting to go into the military but they don't accept single parents. So her plan is to sign over rights of her daugther to her mom and adopt the baby out. She is wanting an open adoption.

It brought me to tears that my cousin would think of me for this. I'm at a loss of where to go from here. I've looked online and it says that I'd have to no live with anyone. This worries me since once my grandmother gets her new house I will be moving in with her to help her and be there for her. I've seen this as God giving me a sign that we will bless me with what I've been praying for if I just put the effort in to make myself/life better.

Sorry for the jumbled ramble. Any help and info appreciated.

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