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Re: Can I share my son's newborn photos?

Thanks everyone

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
He's beautiful!!

We did newborn pics of my last DS and they were sooooooo cute!! I recommend them to anyone having a baby whether its your first or your last. They're just such a wonderful memory :-)
As a newborn photog, I totally agree! I wish I could have had it done with my girls!

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
So cute!

It really is like 6000 times more difficult when it's your own kid. I have been trying to do my little guy's newborn pics for like a week and a half now...we are pretty much out of the window now.
I had heard horror stories, so I totally hired my friend who's work I love and respect. I'm sorry mama It took us forever to get him to sleep for me.

Originally Posted by Mom2lucy View Post
How did you do the FF helmet one? I want to do that with my new LO, but my husband keeps saying his helmet is so dirty and full of chemicals from fires he doesnt want me to do it. But I really want to! any tips?
It is a composite shot:

You do have to take the innards out so that baby will fit. I also have a small blanket I knit that I put in there so it was soft and not cold for him. Mine wasn't worried, especially with the short amount of time that they are actually in the helmet and with the blanket, he's not actually touching anything. I have done this shot several times before with other babies.
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