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Re: Breaking water vs. Pitocin???

AROM (breaking water) will put you immediately "on the clock". Most hospitals require that baby be out within 24hrs after ROM.
I wouldn't opt for AROM as induction unless I was at 42 weeks. Personally, I am not comfortable going past 42 weeks so I would be willing to induce and have the baby out either way at that point.

I had a wonderful induction with my 2nd baby. We started pitocin at 10am, turned it up very slowly every so often. Once I was contracting in a good pattern we left the pitocin at that level for about an hour, then we backed off the pit to see what my body would do - my body took over and continued the rest of the labor and birth all on its own.
FWIW, even with pit and an IV I was not on constant monitors - I was up and moving about the room until I was in a good contracting pattern for a few hours, then I labored in the tub for the last few hours.
I did not have an epidural or any pain medications. It was no worse/harder/more painful than my natural VBAC, and it was less hard/painful than my first labor and birth.

With pitocin, you're not on any clock. I had discussed the idea of seeing what my body would do, and DH and I had told the Dr that if labor didn't progress, or my body didn't take over and progress, we were willing to shut the pit off and go home to wait it out.
With AROM, you won't have the option to stop.
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