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Re: Losing my milk

Has your period returned yet? Around 9 months or so I began noticing a dip in my supply whenever AF was visiting. I had to make sure I increased my nursing sessions and pumping sessions, and drank the mother's milk tea. Other than her pulling at your nipples when nursing why do you feel like she wants more? I'm wondering if it's possible that she is naturally decreasing her intake b/c she's eating more solids. I always found that my ds ate more from a bottle just b/c it was there rather than what he really needed. Maybe try increasing her solids at the sitter. Remember that what they seem to take from a bottle may not be a true indication of what they really NEED. I always used the kelly mom calculator to determine how much to give ds in a bottle.

Can you post your pumping / nursing schedule for us as well as what her schedule is like at the sitters?
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