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Re: Pantry Challenge...Find the old thread, or start a new one :)

no one is playing anymore? hmmm... what did we have this week? its been a busy week, so pretty simple stuff. monday, i think it was chicken soup. tuesday, we had chicken sandwiches and salad. wednesday my mom and son ate at the church's fall festival, i had a salad while i waited for them to get home (i had to work so i couldnt take him ) thursday was sausage and mac and cheese, friday we made pizza from the pizza kit i bought from ds's fund raiser. didnt have to spend anything this week... well last night i bought a soda and a bottle of juice

picked up my produce this morning, and my food stamps loaded today, finally, yay, so i'm going to hit a discount bakery i'v never tried and check out their bread, we're almost out. also gotta hit the 99cent store for some other produce- potatoes and carrots and stuff. also need eggs and a few other things
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