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Originally Posted by Pampered Mama

Read the other replies, but didn't see it mentioned- How much water are you drinking? You should be drinking to thirst. It is a common misconception that drinking tons of water will increase your supply. If you are dehydrated and have low supply because of that- then, yes, drinking water will help- but if you are not dehydrated, then it probably won't help. Drinking too much water can actually result in decreased milk supply!

I experienced this first hand with my ds!
Woah whaaa? Do you have any links to information on this? When I drink to thirst, it's barely more, in ounces, than how much milk I need to produce. I aim for 150oz/day, and that's with a typical production of 48oz (with the goal of 60oz). It takes huge effort for me to consciously drink if it's more than 60oz-ish.

I can't imagine how someone could get too much water unless they were drinking gallons, so what your saying is news to me.
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