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Re: Hurtful comments about family size...

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. I was really blessed by a woman at the store this week. She stopped to talk to my baby girl who was on my back in the Ergo. After chatting with my baby, she smiled warmly and said, "You are so blessed." I thanked her and told her people usually tell me my hands are full. She said her children were just a joy. It's nice to hear kind comments occasionally, even if they have to come from a stranger. Thankfully, I live several hours from my family, so they can never say that I am relying on everyone else to raise and pay for my children. I do it all, folks, and I have stopped calling to complain about my kids, life or husband. I think being positive about my life while talking with the negative people will help me not claim their negative thoughts as my own. Thank you, again, for your encouragement and kindness.
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