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I think the best time to have a baby in Texas would be Feb. or March. It is cold outside when you are at your most uncomfortable and hottest pregnancy wise. The weather is usually great when you first want to start going out, and then your baby is old enough to go to the pool when summertime hits. I also like that they wont be the youngest or oldest in their school class, but somewhere nice and in the middle.

I personally think the WORST months to have a baby in Texas are August and September and I should know since have two September babies. It is HOT and miserable for that last trimester and then you have to deal with them being the youngest or oldest in their grade, both of which have issues associated with them. The weather at least is nice once you are ready to go out with your newborn.

So, why did I have two September babies? The first I didn't know any better and the second I thought it would take a couple of months for me to get pregnant and ended up getting pregnant as soon as we started trying.

It is interesting to see everyone's different perspectives.
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