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Re: Pantry Challenge...Find the old thread, or start a new one :)

i spent about $130 today, and have a few more things i need for a couple of recipies, but most of what i bought was stock up stuff.

i spent $14xx at the discount bakery, $38xx at the 99cent store for produce and some frozen junk, lol, milk and juice ( they have the v8 fusions for 1.49 or 1.99, depending on the flavor) and $83.xx at the "junk store" which is what i call the scratch and dent salvage place (my grammy has one by her house, and thats what she always called it ) most of that was stock up stuff- motts veggie mix juices for a $1, revolution foods sammi jammies (5pk) and squeezie fruits (4pk) for $1.50, an 11lb pork loin for $1.50/lb, some staples- rice, peanut butter (organic for $3.50), canned veggies, and some treats. i cant afford much organic, so i love it when i can get good deals on it at the junk store

i think all i really need to round out the recipies for my meal plan for the month is cheese and shrimp, and produce later on in the month... and i think we're out of hamburger meat, so i need to check the meat market too, and see if its on sale. i'll probably change some stuff around to add in some of that pork i didnt plan on having

anyone know of any shrimp sales?
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