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Re: How to prep for my FET tomorrow and more questions

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post excited for you, and obviously have no personal experience. But I know Heather says something special to the embies about hanging on tight, but for the life of me I can't remember exactly what it is. Good luck, how's the rest going?
Ha ha- thanks Laurel... I've been thinking about Heather- I came up with my own version of her little saying for the babies

Bed rest is kind of tough- for some reason it gives me a headache and hurts my back... I wish I could enjoy it. My 5 year old has been hanging out with me the whole time- she is currently having a "I'm so bored and exhausted" meltdown- it's hilarious! My husband is thoroughly enjoying the bed rest because he's had plenty of computer time with his game.
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