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IHA: PUL, girly dipes, half buckle carrier ISO: DC's, WOOL, icandy, more!!

ISO: I may have PP for some of these!!
I was collecting girly diapers...found out its a boy!!

icandy A12 system boysih/GN ( may have pp for these!!)

ENVIBUMS!!! gn/boy

natural fiber inserts

Organic flip inserts

Bumgenius AIO's small and med

Boyish Wool longies, shorties, soakers ect..
..or even inexpensive wool yarn.

circular knitting needles

Diaper patterns

PUL:solids or prints boy
. I have a large stash of pul b/g/gn..willing to trade dc for dc. (see pics of PUL below!)
iso: red robots, spotted doggie, farm animals,

Cute knit prints for diaper making (boyish)

Snaps- try me on colors

interchangeable circular knitting set

wooden toys/ montessori/ waldroff


Building sets

Hands on play for my 2.5 yr old ds...stuff to keep him occupied while we do school.

Working VCR or VCR/DVD

3 small girly covers 2 pink paisley bumpkins $8ea, 1 bummis kinda wrinkly( see pic) $7

WHAM half buckle carrier, very nice with carry bag. Tv. $55

Premie prefolds tv. $14 dz.

1 Large snapping prefold $3

2 medium FB pink and purple VGUC tv $ 13 ea

2 large Bumgenius AIO's 3.0 . 1 bloosom 1 zinna. Elastics relaxed but not shot. Tabs just starting to curl. very light pilling. tv $9ea

2 Medium Bumgenius Blossom AIOs 3.0. elastic relaxed but not shot. 1 tab starting to curl other is curling.light pilling. tv $9 ea ( or trade for boy colors)

BGE's Bumgenius Elementals
Well loved. Have holes. Snap converted , you can see wear and little holes where the aplix was. 3 blossom. 2white with girly snaps. I haven't used these. I got them in a big lot and do not need the girly colors. $6 ea tv Pics in post 16.
Attachment 126162

Attachment 126163

Attachment 126164

Attachment 126165

Attachment 126166

1 new bg 4.0 in mirror. Seconds. No insert. $12

1 flip cover (blossom is available ). elastics and snaps are good. light pills...but inner seems discolored ..orangey like. guc tv $7ea would trade for gn/boy colors!

NOT THIS disclolored in real life!!

These I got in a trade for my DS but the cut looks girly to me. They are Large.I know next to nothing about them. Though I have contacted previous mama to see if she can enlighten me.
the waistband is either multi colored or it is fading? Looks like around the waist band they have bled ever so slightly onto the pants. Pilly. Might be a bit felted but plenty of stretch. Super, duper soft. They feel like a more expensive wool than I am used to..I am new to wool and havent shelled out the big bucks for wool yet. But this is much softer and denser than the patons i am used to. $20ppd

upclose pic of colors and waist band.

PUL: willing to trade DC for DC! I don't want to just trade off all my PUl...but this is what I have for DC trades. I am looking for boyish prints/solids that i dont have!
Solids: ( that yellow is actually orange IRl.)


in order left to right from top to bottom:
monkeys, tweets,carnival, butterfly,dino, swirls, owls
(carnival blooms..and butterfly...owls no longer available for trades.)

pink ooga, fall ooga, burgandy chicks, babyville monsters, baybville pond, elephant toss, pink/black ooga, owls on line, girly owl, punk hearts , pink chicks,michel miller cupcakes

pink black ooga, circles,burgandy chicks, burgandy, plaid, camo ooga, blue camo, plaid, christmas ooga
Cotton velour: willing to trade cuts of these for cuts of pul, knits,cv...ect

ooga, red robots, pink flowers


2 reg size, 2 large Rageddy Anne and Andy sets (dolls) tv for reg as a set $15 , tv for large, as a set $ 25

playstation 2 with some games

Nintendo 64 with some games..mario cart...

Pics coming.
2 super cute low rise GAP jeans small.
Nice dressy straight/pencil style skirts ..just below knee length. Gray and black.
Several blouses and shirts.

Trade below!!!__________________________________________ _______________________
Traded! 1 blue/yellow paisley diaper. Front Pocket opening, velcro NEW $10

traded!Rose Petal Cottage indoor playhouse! So pretty! Comes with washer, sink and stove! Tv. $70 crappy pics I will get better ones!

traded! 1 small recycled longies girly. $8

Traded! xl girly pul cover with snap down rise. velcro. (retro cars print!) cute! NEW $8

Sold 3 OS 3.0's 2 blossom, 1 zinna. elastics seems relaxed to me. But hardly any pilling or other signs of wear. tabs on one blossom are starting to curl. $9 ea
Freetimes: sassy,mirror,grasshopper, clementine,twilight.
will be picky about trades for these...
never washed , nor worn. These are marked as seconds.
sold1 newborn size knit girly wool. soft and stretchy! $12
Cynthia mom of 6

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