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Re: Hospital Bags!!

I am a soon to be mom of 3 and I think last time I went in wearing my robe and pjs with boppy, a change of clothes, baby clothes, my "purse" type of stuff. I only live about 5 mins away from hospital so that helps. My mom was around to help. Depending on how long you stay I would say pj, clothes, and any toys he sleeps with, brush/ comb, and teeth brushing and I think all I would do for him again depending on his personality and who he would be staying with.... friend of his he maybe able to do just bathroom and underwear and they might supply extra clothes. we did that for a play date we had.

I think I will bring boppy, and one set of clothes for me and baby. cds if they let me and "purse stuff" since a few day stay. I have learned to pack light and all....

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