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Re: Can you ladies give me your opinions please!

My two girls : one high, one low, one a decent amount of movement and other not a lot of movement, one no back pain til back labor and other a good amount of back pain and crampy labor, sicker than a dog for the first 1/2 of pregnancy so only rice and bland eating, and pee like every 5 mins with one and not as frequent but still a lot for the other.

my 3rd here is a boy: High like one of my girls, moves constantly, no morning sickness at all and no back pain, and I don't have to pee like crazy.

with my second we all thought boy since in my hips the whole time but no a girl. My sil with 5 boys and 3 girls now said it too.

Heartbeat rate and all the other myths seems to be hit and miss for us not that I have tried them all. I even asked my ob about boys being bigger and he said that girls are not boys even though I am running on the big side for the due date given.

One neighbor/friend said that all known people said girls and others unknown she met said boys for both and both were boys.

I have met some that were sick with boys not girls and others that it didn't matter gender on sickness.

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