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Re: Risks Associated with Shoulder Dystocia-Brachial Plexus Injuries

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
Good post! Your son will be in my thoughts.
My daughter had SD and was stuck for about 9 minutes, then she came out with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. She was my 4th baby and I had 3 easy births and a great pregnancy with all my babies. Totally unexpected. We were incredibly lucky that she came out with no lasting effects.
Oh my goodness, I am so thankful that she doesn't have brain damage or other issues from oxygen deprivation! My son was stuck for around 4 minutes and he had to be revived and has sensory issues from that. You and she are incredibly blessed... Someone was watching over you, Mama. I used to just hear of SD with first births, but as I talk with more and more mamas; I'm hearing if it being 2,3,4th and even an Amish mama was telling me of her daughter's SD and injury and she was the 7th birth! Such a nightmare. Are you going to have anymore kiddos?

I don't know why the video link I posted, didn't work a bunch. Here is the right link:
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