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Well. I had another very vivid dream last night about a baby boy. Lol I dreamed that I was at a family get together and someone handed me a baby, I knew it was mine but I had no recollection of anything else. So I asked my sister when I had it, she said on the 10th (my due date isn't till the 20th) and my sister was still pregnant (shes due on the 3rd) . For some reason I knew it was the 13th of may (but I didn't know anything about my own child lol) so then I changed the baby's diaper to find out the sex, because of course I didn't know that either. And sure enough boy!!! And then I went in my diaper bag and all my diapers were all screwed up. Pockets had no inserts fitted had no covers. I was not impressed. Lol anyone else had any crazy dreams?

(Eta. I think I might be having all of these boy dreams because I've bought quite a few girly things, and am second guessing myself. Lol)
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