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Why is my baby rubbing his face on everything?

Ds is 6 mo today he has an on and off habit of rubbing his face on or into things, particularly back and forth across my chest/shoulders when unsettled. Sometimes he rubs it on his playmat, rubs blankets on his face, or just uses his fists. He really pushes his face pretty hard and seems to be uncomfortable. I have not been able to connect it with anything! He's not congested, he has two bottom teeth already but there was no increase in this behavior when he was really miserable while the teeth were breaking through. I've tried giving him nasal saline drops in case his nose is itchy but that doesn't help.
Any ideas? Tylonel helps when he's doing it A LOT but I would rather figure out what the purpose of this is in case I can do something besides medicine. Plus him rubbing his face on me is driving me up the wall.
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