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Re: Essure Experiences?

I've had a tubal... I regret it. I have tubal syndrome and it is not pleasant.

My only experience with Essure is this - a very good friend had it done after the birth of her 4th. I guess they implant them and then you go in a few months later to have a scan to make sure the coils are implanted. My friend went in for the verification, and was told they were in place and she was cleared to have sex (until then she had been using protection). She went on her merry way, and a few months later was pregnant. They did an ultrasound and the coil was gone. She went on to have her baby, and then afterwards had an xray, and they found the coil burrowing through her abdomen! She had to have it surgically removed. It was really scary, she was having lots of pain from the coil migrating inside of her but they couldn't do anything because she was pregnant at the time.
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