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Re: NTNP November 4th - November 10th

Originally Posted by Mercy24 View Post
Hi can I join you guys? I'm 11 months pp but still no ppaf and I have pcos so my cycles are whack anyways :/
Welcome mama! I will get you added to the list "_

Originally Posted by Beaners_Mom View Post
QOTW: My dream job....I would love more than anything to stay home & have babies & go to all the school functions & bake cookies. Lol. Outside of the work (which is what I have my degree in). I'm a "fixer" and I like to help people fix their problems or even just helping them out. If that makes sense.

I think we are not NTNP anymore? We both kind of figured it would happen by now and it hasn't (starting our 5th cycle). I'm 31 & he's about to be 31. We'd like anywhere from 1 more kid to 3. I want 1, he wants 3. I said if we got 3 I would love them...but if we got just 1 more I wouldn't be disappointed. I would prefer to be done having babies by the time I'm 40...which only leaves about 8 years you know?

I know I'm ovulating, I can feel it (it hurts worse than AF cramps sometimes). I'm not sure if I feel the pain before, during or after the egg is released though. He asked me to pick up an ovulation kit so we can see...maybe our timing is just off? So I ordered some online (holy wow those tests are expensive in stores!!). So I guess that we aren't NTNP anymore? Heh
You can still stay and play with us!! I hope that you get your BFP soon!

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
Hi ladies! May I join you? We are officially NTNP but I am sort of trying ;-) I'm not sure but I think this is my place?

Anyway, we have one DS and are hoping for another baby soon!

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Welcome! I will get you added to the list
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