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Re: Did you have a "hunch" about the gender?

I just knew my first was a girl. No ultrasound. I didn't actually think about it though. I just didn't prepare for a boy. I had a bunch of hand made dresses and no boy clothes at all. We did have a boy name but I had that name picked out before my husband and I were even dating.

With my second I knew we were having a boy. No ultrasound. With him not only did We not have girl clothes we didn't even have a girl name picked out. When my in laws would ask if we had finally settled on a girl name I would tell them there wasn't any point in discussing girl names as we were having a boy. They didn't believe me until our son was born.

Our youngest I hadn't a clue until ultrasound showed without a doubt the very detailed boy anatomy. No room for mistakes. I had picture proof my baby was a boy. After that any time people would say ultrasounds could make gender mistakes all I had to do was show my ultrasound pics. They no longer doubted it's accuracy in our case.
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