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Re: Hospital Bags!!

I'm glad you started this! Although this is our second, we totally missed out on any hospital prep with the first. I went to the hospital at 26 weeks, with nothing! I was at my regular appt, so purse and water bottle, then to the closest hospital, then to a different hospital (this time via ambulance, so I don't even remember if I had my purse with me then. I did not have my clothes, since I was on an IV and the lovely hospital gown!!!! I know for me I want clothes! PJ's and comfy clothes! My folks will probably trade off keeping my LO or taking her to a friend for the day/ a few hours, so they'll take care of whatever she needs - what a relief! Things I wanted that I didn't have - toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, my soap/shampoo, razor (in hospital 10 days before delivery, then 6 afterwards), hairdryer (it was Nov/Dec), socks, shoes or slippers, Bible, notebook, camera, pillow... I think that's most of it. My hubby just needed clothes, his toiletries including contacts, pillow, computer... My folks were around, and my mom loved feeling useful to go get me whatever I wanted! Hope things go a little smoother this time! Please share your list, I know some things I may want will be different for others, so I love to see what ya'll are planning. thanks
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