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Originally Posted by canadianbakers
I really love our Radian, so I'd definitely suggest that - at 8 months, if they got it for him, they're going to get a good many years use out of it. It would be the only seat they'd need (very likely) until he was old enough for a booster

I haven't owned or used a true fit (though I like the looks of them in store... Ooo... and now I'm thinking about that for Babe... hmm... my DH will thank you ), anyways, or a my ride (those are so wide, they look so comfy for baby but so big and possibly uncomfy to sit beside).
I have owned a scenera (great budget seat, but another seat would be needed to get to booster age) and the All-in-ones (just... don't bother, lol).

It really all depends on what they need (space wise), whether they're going to ERF (hopefully!), and how much $$ they're willing to spend.
Lol sorry DH

We thank god for our infertility everyday!!
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