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Sounds like the second half of my active labor at home, though it was short. My DD was born after 3 hours of active labor (I had 12 hours of early labor that weren't like that, though). I didn't have any complications that were identified at home after baby was born, though j did lose a lot of blood. My own preference will be to birth in a hospital next time. And I didn't use castor oil. My mw had me taking magnesium supplements as a uterine toner so maybe that had a role? Not sure.

If I personally had your scenario, I would not choose to deliver at home. The pattern of your contractions sounds close to the pattern for placental abruption, and I'm not confident in the ability of a cpm (or even a cnm or OB) to recognize an abruption without seeing baby's HR over time on an EFM, and comparing them to contractions on the monitor. The potential risk isn't worth it to me personally. And for the record, I enjoyed my homebirth and am happy I did it. So my choice isn't based on regret over that experience.
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