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Weighing Pros/Cons of 4th C/S

Hey C-section Mamas,
So DH is really after me to decided if we are done having kids or having 1 more. Like he mentions this every other day, kind of thing. The thought of a 4th c-section is really making this a harder decision and yet I've always wanted at least 5 children. I need your thoughts...

I have 4 kiddos (5,4,2,1) and the last 3 have been necessary c-sections. I had a lot of scarring after the 3rd baby and because of that I had a bladder injury when they knicked my bladder trying to separate it from the uterus (lots of scarring on it, connecting) during the 4th baby's c-section. Anyway, I got back feeling the urge to pee about a week after the c/s and so I am very thankful!!! Now the doctor didn't talk about not having more babies (he really feels like it should all be upto the Mom and Dad).

I just read these statistics and seeing as how the adhesions have already been an issue (and I don't know if a bladder injury is considered major)... I'm just nervous!!! My question would be: With the above background, would the statistics play a big role in deciding to add another to your family??? I know you can't tell me what to do, but I am hoping hearing your thoughts will trigger some more thought from me. Thank you in advance.

ICAN gives these risks for a 3rd C-section:

Risk of hysterectomy: 0.9%(1 in 111)
Risk of blood transfusion: 2.26% (1 in 44)
Risk of placenta accreta: 0.57% (1 in 175)
Risk of major complications: 7.5% (1 in 13)
Risk of dense adhesions: 32.2% (1 in 3)

And with a 4th C-section:

Risk of hysterectomy: 2.41% (1 in 41)
Risk of blood transfusion: 3.65% (1 in 27)
Risk of placenta accreta: 2.13% (1 in 47)
Risk of major complications: 12.5% (1 in 8)
Risk of dense adhesions: 42.2% (2 in 5)

- I don't believe we should make decisions out of fear yet I do believe in looking at risks and making informed decisions.
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