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Lots of items--Naartijie, Boden, Hanna, Tea--great prices!!

All are in GUC--with wash wear and minimal staining--I will note extra wash wear or a spot that is noticeable. prices are WITHOUT shipping, but I do like to take a few bucks off for multiple lots purchased! Thanks

top left
SOLD--pink hanna ruffle dress--size 110 8$
top right
SOLD==hanna LS purple heart dress--size 110 8$
bottome left
blue/periwinkle hanna ruffle dress--size 120 8$
bottom right
hanna jean skirt--size 110 $6
SOLDhanna blue/purple skirt w/ bulit in shorts size 100 $7

top left
mini boden girls cords--size 5/6 elastic is kinda twisted near back $9
top right
lands end cord blue polka dot skirt--size 5/6 $6
bottom left
hanna girls cotton bottoms not tight like leggings--size 110 $5
bottom right
mini boden girls cord skirt--color is pretty purple size 5/6 $9
second pic is back of skirt with apple appliques

green Naartijie skirt cord--size 6 $7
blue mini boden cord skirt size 5/6 no appliques $9

top left
mini boden cord elastic skirt size 5/6 but runs big, imo! $9
top right
lands end cord skirt, built in shorts size 6 $6
naartijie velour? super soft skirt size 7 $7

Violet & Moss Cotton dress, super cute asking $7

Lands End LS dress, size 5 $6
SOLDhanna sleeveless blue dress, size 110 euc $8

SOLDHanna puffy skirt, size 110 built in shorts $7
Hanna striped dress, szie 120 $8

Tea LS striped cotton shirts, size 6 $6
Mini Boden vest, size 5/6 $10

SOLDsavannah sequin sleeveless ruffle dress, szie 5 $6

H"& M polka dot sleeveless dress, size 6-8 $6

blue mini boden capri's (only that is avail) size 6 $8

SOLDNaartijie SS striped dress (top right) size 6 $7
Naartijie orange striped sleeveless dress (bottom right( size 5 $6

gap linen striped dress size 5 super cute--$6 has thin underlay under
lily pulitizer summer dress, size 5 $7

SOLDright (only dress avail) hanna multicolor ss tunic/short dress, size 110 $7

sold==me & ko los angeles cute dress, polka dot portion is super sheer--size 6 $5

H& M turq striped dress, size 4-6 $5

lily pulizer lightweight skirt--has builtin shorts--size 7 but more like 5/6 imo $5

United Colors of Benneton wool/acrylic/poly jumper size 5/6 $5

Catmini lightweight pants size 8 but more like 5-6 maybe 7 imo--$5

mini boden ls shirt, size 5/6 a little more on the worn side $6

SOLDmini boden ls shirt--blue butterfly ) size 5/6 $8
mini boden blue w/ white flower 3/4 sleeved shirt, size 5/6 $8

pending-mini boden terry hooded SW w/ zipper size 5/6 $8

bottom left (only dress avail in pic)
SOLDhanna girls Sleeveless dress w/ dots size 120 euc 10$

bottom right (only dress avail in pic)
SOLDhanna sleeveless dress, size 120 multi-floral euc $10

bossini kids cute color green cord skirt size 130 $7

girls hanna blue skirt--built in short, size 110 $7

SOLDhanna velvet ruffle LS dress size 120 $11

abe jones cute shirt, size 6 but more like a 4-5 imo tie shoulder straps $5

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