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Re: Weighing Pros/Cons of 4th C/S

Slimy72- Yes, a 5th baby would my last. I think I'll call the doc up soon and have a chat with him (though I do not think he'll be much help... his experience has shown him you don't know it should've been your last c-section until it really should've been your last c-section, if that makes sense... he said thinning isn't as much as a problem as placental abnormalities and scar tissue growth... he's had a few accretas with 4th c-sections that resulted in an emergency hys, but it's not one of those things that you'd know you before you get pregnant).. If we have a 5th, I actually have been tempted to ask him if they could to a partial hysterrectomy anyway with the thinking that maybe it'd nix the scar tissue adhesions issue that causes me pain. If I'm getting a tubal right after they take the baby out, it seems like a partial h. would accomplish both missions. He may laugh or be completely cool with that.

Happymama1- Thank you. I did have a vaginal birth that was a complete disaster with complications and injury to baby boy and to me, so I really understand your view! haha, sigh. I am a Believer and have been seeking God and I just am not hearing anything back! I'd just like to have a peace about one or the other (or a blinking neon sign). My body feels like a trainwreck a lot of days and so I don't know if I want to have another surgery and risk even more of that feeling. And yet, that worry about regret is very real... So I am really trying to come from a medical standpoint as my more concrete, main reasoning (until God either reveals it to me or DH just loses all patience and secretly gets a vasectomy! haha).
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