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Originally Posted by wordmama
Has something sad happened in your family recently? Is the anniversary of his death approaching? I'd definitely take that as a sign of some sort.

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He was born in April, and died in June 2002, so nothing there. We have had a lot of health issues with my son but that has been going on 3 years now...and we have had recent financial trouble but nothing so heinously terrible that would make my grandfather cry from beyond the grave, I don't think. So unless its for something in the future, which would be even weirder than thinking it was some sort of spirits' doing, I can't come up with a reason.

I should say that this grandfather has connected with me once before. A week after my son was born, which was December in IL mind you, we found a bright red rose blooming outside of our back door. My grandpa was a horticulturist and he had award-winning roses, they were his favorite. But since my son was just born, that made a little more sense (in a weird, paranormal kind of way). But if it IS him, I'm not understanding the reason? And if its NOT him...I can't figure out how it got there nor why it took the shape and location of a teardrop.

The whole thing has me weirded out.
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