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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

I'm a big fan of long hair on little boys. OP, I'd leave it! I think it is cute
I'm not big on talking to strangers' small children in public (only because my DD went through a stage of being terrified of strangers so I don't want to accidentally terrify someone else's kid) but if I did and couldn't tell gender, I'd stick with gender-neutral wording or ask "what's your name?"

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No, I don't take offense. I just correct. It doesn't bother me although it used to bother DH but he has grown used to it. DS2 is beautiful and he loves his hair. He twirls it to put himself to sleep. We cut it once and it was a huge mistake - he was so upset.

LOVE his hair! He is adorable!
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