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Re: Can I join you??

Originally Posted by birdseye View Post
Hi!! I got three (yes, three) bfp's today!!

We are very excited!! I was active on DS a few years ago while we were ttc and going through fertility treatments. We were unsuccessful in our attempts. We have moved on from ttc and I started going to back to school...hopefully to be an RN. I am actually applying this month to be admitted into the nursing program.

We started ttc six years ago. The last three years we have been "not avoiding". Well today, I got a bfp, went to the store for more pregnancy tests, and got 2 more bfp's. We are very much in shock.

I talked to my dr. today and I am starting 200 mg of prometrium tomorrow. Partly due to my infertility history and my age (34). Our first ultrasound is in two weeks.

This is our first child. We are amazed, scared, nervous, and speechless.

I just don't know what to think.
I think you used to make diapers, right? I bought a green all in one from you that was our dr diaper for two children, I loved that diaper. I have prayed for you and wondered how you were. We got our Bfps on the same day! I hope you are still doing well! Congrats, I am very excited for you!
I am moving on in life, if you need to get in touch with me, please email me at

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