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Re: what should they get?

I have THREE Radians. Also have had two Myrides, a Scenera, and a True Fit. Scenere is small and awkard and not worth even the $40. I'd rather invest in a seat that will last and is easier to install. Myrides are nice, but the wings are huge, hard to lift child up and over them, and wide. They have a very tall base, so some people say it is hard to install without causign them to lean way over. I hated the TrueFit and made it go in DH's car. He's used to it and doesn't seem to mind it,but I do not like the padding with big holes in it exposing hard plastic (uncomfy) and I hate the continuous harness. For that expensive a seat, I would expect a better harness. My only complaints about Radian is that you need to tug-tug-tug the harness adjuster to tighten it, and the shoulder pads are very thick so can be awkward when your child is just about ready to move up to the next shoulder slot but isn't quite there and its far beneath shoulder level if that makes any sense.
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