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Re: seems I have a problem..

You said "change it to a toddler bed" ... does this mean he is in a crib right now?

Here are some things I recommend. First and foremost, you need to secure all doors leading outside. They have locks you can buy to put up high where he cannot reach. Or if you don't want to drill holes and do the locks (like if you are in an apt) you can buy these little alarms that go at the top of doors, that I am pretty sure you can install with those double-sided padded tape things (they come with in the package). When the door is opened, a loud alarm will sound.

Next, I'd try to find a way to make it to where he has no way of getting up without waking you somehow. Could you super duper baby proof his room and then leave the door closed? That way you know he is in there? If he knows how to open a door, this would be easier b/c you could just tie a bell around his door handle on the outside so that when he opens it, the bell dings and you'll hear it and know he's up.

How old is your LO? It is never too soon to start talking to him about safety around the house. Meds and chemicals should be put where he can't access them. Sometimes this takes some creativity, but it can be done. You don't even really NEED child locks to do it. Example: if you hsve a bathroom that locks, put all the chemicals under that sink, and all the meds in that cabinet, and then just leave the bathroom door locked and closed so he cannot open it. You should have (or be able to find pretty easily) the little tool to unlock the door from the outside.

The best way to prevent an accident (IMO) is to educate your kids. Again, this depends on age. But for us, this involves starting really early (like crawling age) and disciplining (however you choose to do that) for things like opening cupboards, or touching the stove. They soon catch on and will just move on to other, more interesting things. (I've used this method with all 3 of my kids and they've never gotten into any meds/chemicals they shouldn't.) You can teach them that chemicals can make you very sick, the stove can start a fire, etc. etc.

I hope you can find some solutions!
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