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You are making a hard choice. Two things to think about; why do you need to make this decision so quickly? You have a lot of young children very close in age, is there any reason that you and you husband couldn't decide to wait 2-4 years and THEN make a decision on whether you are done adding to your family? The time might give you greater perspective and you can really KNOW that you are supposed to have another baby no matter the risks OR that you family is complete with 4 children. Also, there is more than one way to add children to a family, if you feel the risks are too great, you could look into adoption.

Personally, if i were in your shoes, would wait and see if my health got better over a few years and if I still felt that a 5th child was supposed join us. I would not want to get pregnant right away when I felt my body might not be up to the task.
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