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Originally Posted by Kiliki
How high is YOUR (general YOUs here) risk? Is it worth it TO YOU to get abx? I can't answer that question for someone else. But I can answer it for ME and MY baby. If someone else is really set on getting them, I don't see why they shouldn't have access to them. But if another person feels GBS is just not a big enough threat to get all worked up over, I don't think that person should be made to feel like they're irresponsible or stupid. You evaluated the risk and decided you didn't like the odds. I evaluated them and decided it wasn't a big deal.
ITA. My OB's argument for the GBS test/abx was "if we don't do a test and don't give you abx, and the baby dies, you'll be sitting here saying, 'darn, we should've given abx.'" So his logic is GBS+ and no abx = baby dies, baby dies from no abx = shame on me for refusing abx. Nevermind the actual statistics of a very, very small mortality rate. It would be nice if mothers could just make a truly informed decision (information from an UNBIASED source, i.e. not my OB) and it just be left at that.
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