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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
My entire point was, MOST of us don't walk around wearing bullet proof vests in the off chance that we might get shot on the way to work one day. Could it happen? YES. MOST of us don't have basements lined with thick concrete, that go miles into the earth, so that we can be safe in the off chance that a nuclear bomb hits. Could it happen? YES. MOST of us don't wear a life jacket when we swim in the family pool in the off chance we get tired and drown. Could it happen? YES.

My whole point was - things happen. It sucks, but life isn't this thing where we can predict and eliminate every possible awful thing that could go wrong. If we all start getting worried about every thing that COULD go wrong and then taking preventative measures to stop them, we'll all be really bored, really fast.

GBS, IMO, is just like everything else. There is a risk involved, just like I take a risk when I walk with my kids 2 blocks to the library. How high is YOUR (general YOUs here) risk? Is it worth it TO YOU to get abx? I can't answer that question for someone else. But I can answer it for ME and MY baby. If someone else is really set on getting them, I don't see why they shouldn't have access to them. But if another person feels GBS is just not a big enough threat to get all worked up over, I don't think that person should be made to feel like they're irresponsible or stupid. You evaluated the risk and decided you didn't like the odds. I evaluated them and decided it wasn't a big deal. We can BOTH still be good moms and make different choices.

Just like to you, walking 2 blocks might seem dangerous. We could get hit by a car, shot, one of my kids could run and get run over, a dog could attack us, a tree could fall on us, we could get hit by lightning....... To me, it's not a big deal.

Same line of thinking with GBS. The risk is not worth it to you. That's ok. The side effects of IV abx are not worth it to me. And that is ok too.

Thrush can be a complete nightmare, and GBS is *USUALLY* not life threatening, just like thrush *USUALLY* isn't. Both can cause serious issues if not handled properly. I'm sorry you don't think it's a big deal. I disagree. My DD is almost 6 and STILL has an immune system that can't keep yeast issues at bay. We can agree to disagree.
I completely understand your viewpoint. I've always said it's all about risk to benefit ratio and deciding from there (from raw milk to homebirth to vaccines to everything!). I was simply pointing out that one needs to remember and think on how it would feel to be a low statistic when weighing in on their decision. Many people do not do that. Many think they will never be a statistic.

I wasn't implying you were a bad mom for making that decision (some might think me a bad mom for feeding my kids raw milk or picking and choosing vac's!)... one just needs to be aware of adverse outcomes. There are benefits and there are risks.

And for this subject, personally... antibiotics would be my choice and feeding my newborn probiotics afterward would be a way to lessen the risks of thrush/yeast infections (it's worked for 3 out of 3 babies!).
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