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Re: dreams??

I had a dream the night before last that was weird. I dreamt that I went into labor at my house before my doctor had a chance to schedule my csection (I've had two prior and my scar is too thin to risk labor). I ended up giving birth to TRIPLETS at my house, lol. It was two boys and then a girl. Here's the weirdest par tof the dream. When the girl came out I remember having this feeling of great sorrow knowing that she wasnt mine and I would have to give her up. For some reason I ended up giving up the second boy and the girl to two other women because in my dream it made sense to me that they were actually their children, lol wth? Then the dream fast forwarded to me being in the peditricians office with the woman who took my daughter. I asked the pediatrician if it was possible for me to give birth to someone elses child (this whole time during the dream my rational mind was screaming wtf is going on, this is rediculous) and of course the pediatrician was like umm no. So then they did an ultrasound on the woman who had my daughter and saw that she was still pregnant and I was so happy because this meant that I would bet my babies back. The woman did not want to give me my baby back though and I felt sorry for her but in the end I got both of them back and I was so happy, lol. Very strange dream. I think it means that I have my two boys and now, for my last baby, i am going to finally get my girl I have no idea what the rest of the dream means though, lol, it is the weirdest dream ever.
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