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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
Liz, I'm sooo sorry sweetie. I bet you were so upset. So thegirls are ok? We have a halw issue too, just no close calls yet. GLAD you were out there!

What a PTIC* to get him for an 8th of an inch! I bet he was either new or took the deere for himself! Ray's jaw dropped when I told him. Poor guy! We can't afford the class right now so Rays dad is gonna get the liscense (he's old enough he doesn't have to take the class) and Ray can buy the stamp and hunt with him once. Then next year he can take the class. Please pray if he's able to go he bags something. We NEED it! We counted 5 deere on the land behind our house by the road yesterday.

The 2 that hatched died? I think I let them stay in the egg too long and should have helped. I garentee they were dehydrated? I just don't know. Errr. 2 PERFECT little cochins, 1 was blue. I now has wired a fan in the bator in hopes for better results regarding temp, humid, and hatch time. I got 2 fans out of the puter. I'm rounding up materials bit by bit for the homemade bator.

Becky, we used to do dehorning and things like that at the vet and I can't. I couldn't even consider it for myself. I highly rec those blinders.

New Mommy- Welcome! I found fast I have to steere clear of the chicks, eggs, and chickens, lol. I want them all. Congrats! Can you keep the coops close so they get to know eachother through the fence? Or like Liz did and free range them together? I hav a run that seperates and can close the door. I turn it into two pens and keep the new's on the other side. Be SURE to watch health of the news. I know most don't but I treat all new chickens, and I still ended up with darn scaly leg. I'm currently treating for it now. That is a big age diff and you may have some trouble. When you do take that step and put them together, just know they have to establish the pecking order and some squabbling is normal. It's hard to watch, just keep an eye out for any bad fights or ganging up so you can intervene right away. If you need help, were here. The bigger the # of the news added at once the better. One or two will get ganged up on.

AFM-------------I have a a dang broody. It's mid 20's out and this chick thinks she wants littles, ha. I sure hope she snaps out of it with this cold today!

Oh crud, when I was stabeliseing the temp after installing the fan, I know bad timeing, the temp spiked to 109 for a cpl mins. I hope I caught it fast enough to prevent damage. I also had my first explodeing eggs! ike a gun going off in my hand. Ahhh! Raunchy.

Off to the dentist.
Sarah I'm sorry. Do you think your humidity might be too high? I think the first time I do it I'm going to aim for a drier hatch because I'm worried about them getting too big/drowning.

The fish and game officer showed up at our house yesterday to officially cite J. Since he didn't witness it and the guy that did was new, and technically not "his area", he couldn't write a ticket. It has to go to the DA. Joel said aside from being accused of having buck fever, the guy kept asking him if he was really alone. He said that J dressed out that deer better than he ever had as a seasoned hunter and couldn't believe J did it. What a back handed compliment. One of J's concerns was that the meat would be wasted. It's going to the wolves at the wildlife park right there in the town so at least there's that. I'm just sick with the thought that they could throw the book at him. So much money spent this year, even if J had brought that buck home we would still be out a lot of money. Now it's potentially going to be a lot worse. They could suspend his license for a year if they wanted to. All for following the law and trying to do right.

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
Haven't really caught up, but aren't we all crazy chicken ladies here?

Yes ma'am.

Originally Posted by Bumstoppers View Post
No incubator here,,,,not sure how much good that roo was actually doing. He really only liked the little pullet, never did bother the other 7. At least not where I could see.

I just hate the thought of going thru the whole cycle again, I dislike the whole killing of the roos And then now the pecking. Ugh. I really hope to fall in love again with these chicks, and fast. Right now they are as annoying as the puppy that poops on the floor
I understand. There were points that felt especially long and frustrating with mine and when they were being little jerks and hurting one another I wasn't really sure I liked them either. In fact I felt quite hateful toward the ones that were doing it. Like I said, those plastic blinders were a life saver in my coop. If I were you, I'd put them on everybody. Things will settle down, it just takes time. Have the older girls begun laying again yet? ETA: my offer for eggs isn't an expiring thing, when you are ready to go thru all that again just pm me. I think you're right, starting all over raising chicks right now with little of the reward of having the adult hens will be frustrating.

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