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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by raisingcropsandbabies View Post
I completely understand your viewpoint. I've always said it's all about risk to benefit ratio and deciding from there (from raw milk to homebirth to vaccines to everything!). I was simply pointing out that one needs to remember and think on how it would feel to be a low statistic when weighing in on their decision. Many people do not do that. Many think they will never be a statistic.

I wasn't implying you were a bad mom for making that decision (some might think me a bad mom for feeding my kids raw milk or picking and choosing vac's!)... one just needs to be aware of adverse outcomes. There are benefits and there are risks.

And for this subject, personally... antibiotics would be my choice and feeding my newborn probiotics afterward would be a way to lessen the risks of thrush/yeast infections (it's worked for 3 out of 3 babies!).
I wasn't trying to say you thought I am a bad mom. I was jsut trying to explain my viewpoint. Almost all of the YOUs/YOURs in my post are totally general, and not directed at you specifically.

I wish I'd known about probiotics. That's not something I'd ever heard of with my first child. And it's not something that the hospital staff talk to you about, since it's (probably) not tested and sold by a pharmeutical company somewhere (actually I know some are, but doctors in general in our healthcare system do not take a holistic approach and generally scoff at the idea that your body can become severely imbalanced after a high dose of abx). They aren't trying to sell you on it. (And in that sense, it is a very similar idea to hibiclens treatment of GBS.)

I wish I'd known to do that, and I really kick myself for not having that knowledge, I truly deeply believe my DD has suffered (and will continue to do so) as a result of a high dose of IV abx at birth and nothing to repair her system afterward.
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