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Re: Did you have a "hunch" about the gender?

I really think that this one is a girl. I am afraid it might end up being wishful thinking but i have a strong feeling its finally a girl. With both of my boys I had the boy names picked out almost right away and they just felt so right (even though I was hoping for a girl then too) now I can't think of a single boys name that feels right for me and my girl name is just so perfect <3 Katherine Sophia <3 Also I recently had a dream that led me to believe it would be a girl. And the chinese calendar (even though i know this is not legit, lol) says it will be a girl. And you really just can't discount mothers intuition. So I am hopeful that it is a girl but am afraid that it could just be wishful thinking since this is my last chance to have a daughter. Either way though i just pray that this little one is healthy. That is beyond the most important thing and I can't wait to be reassured that everything is ok in there
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