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Re: transitioning from ec to pt?

I thought I'd be able to switch DS out of diapers at 1 like others say, but it hasn't happened. He's 15 months and I've done a modified EC since he was 2 weeks. (I can't call it true EC because I didn't follow everything they say, but it was our own method that was basically EC.) Anyways, I am tentatively planning on undies at 18 months or so, but I'm not as ready to jump into undies this time around. We put DD in undies at 18 months, and she only recently will say she needs to go, and take herself. (She's 2.5) DS does tell me when he needs to go sometimes though, and that is positive. I guess I have just resigned myself to the fact that being a mom to my children includes washing lots of damp undies. DD wears pull ups at night and naps (I got tired of washing sheets 4 or 5 times a week) and DS wears a disposable. Though both kids will wake to pee in the night, the both scream bloody murder when I try to potty them and so I just mostly cuddle and hope they pee in their diaper so they will go back to sleep. I feel bad, like I'm going to ruin them, but I have decided that I have to sleep.
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