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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Sarah I'm sorry. Do you think your humidity might be too high? I think the first time I do it I'm going to aim for a drier hatch because I'm worried about them getting too big/drowning.

The fish and game officer showed up at our house yesterday to officially cite J. Since he didn't witness it and the guy that did was new, and technically not "his area", he couldn't write a ticket. It has to go to the DA. Joel said aside from being accused of having buck fever, the guy kept asking him if he was really alone. He said that J dressed out that deer better than he ever had as a seasoned hunter and couldn't believe J did it. What a back handed compliment. One of J's concerns was that the meat would be wasted. It's going to the wolves at the wildlife park right there in the town so at least there's that. I'm just sick with the thought that they could throw the book at him. So much money spent this year, even if J had brought that buck home we would still be out a lot of money. Now it's potentially going to be a lot worse. They could suspend his license for a year if they wanted to. All for following the law and trying to do right.

What creeps! I'm so sorry! That dud sounded so new and cocky! Can't believe the other guy didn't let it go though. Are they on some authority high? Just wow.

I do think it was too high. I have kept the fan going and lowered the himidity. next hatch I'm gonna try something simular to the dry method. Just a low humidity till day 18. Something in the range of 30-40, then 65. I will check every egg tonight. The humidity had to be the issue. The eggs matured too slow, which can only mean that they couldn't evaporate at the correct rate. I have it "PERFECT" now. Hope to keep it that way. If I hadn't had that temp spike, I could get some real accurate #'s from this batch. I'm also going to build the other bator and that way I can properly do more than one clutch.

So my broody has 4 under her. She managed to get up once and I was able to glace. She's being very protective. She must have been scopeing out the nest box with the most eggs. Wacky cochin. oh well, let her have them.

I have rockin news!!!! The br's are lettin Solomon get some, sorry mate. I'm so proud of him. The other girls have been givin him the cold sholder is why I say it that way. Poor fella. That means they looked 8 weeks when I got them, but they are actually more like 6-7 months!!!! A hole. Poop poor babies! They are sooooo stinkin big now. just lovely fluffy girls! Poor tink, still small but so much healthier looking and vibrent. She is so happy. She really melts our hearts.

So, I informed Ray the stinkin twin buckeye gals are gone come spring. Dang meanins. I think I'm only gonna keep 1-2 of the br's too. That will make room for the cpl keepers from the chicks.
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