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Re: DS broke my stovetop :(

Originally Posted by tygr2410 View Post
I would see if it was under warranty

and I would not ask a 6yo to pay for a stove top he accidentally dropped a glass 6yo would not be able to reach a glass in a cabinet on top of a did he even have a glass up high enough to drop and break a glass stove top?
The two older kids get out their own breakfast dishes. He uses a stool to get on the counter. It's next to the stove. After this incident and typing this would seem that this isn't the best idea, lol!

To the Mama who said check the warranty--believe me, we are! But I don't think they are going to cover it. It wasn't a manufactuer error or anything. We bought the extended warranty too, but I don't think it's going to cover it either.

And to the Mama who's dropped stuff on her glasstop stove that didn't break--I wish I was you!! It was a very thick drinking glass that he dropped, and it hit it at an angle. Surprisingly enough, the drinking glass is fine. I really, really wish the cup would have broken and not the stove!! DH checked on the stove part this morning and it is going to be a little over $300. Ouch.
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