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Re: Best Carrier for Daddy & Infant?

we have a bbII in metro black that dh uses. we've been using it for dd since she was maybe 4 weeks old (with the infant insert). we used it for ds from when he was about 1 yr until 2.5 yrs. now we have a plain, navy blue toddler kinderpack for him. dh likes them both. he would not go for a wrap or a mei tai. i have a ring sling, but he's not a fan. he used it, in the house only, a handful of times with ds before we got the bbII. but the lack of buckles confuses him it's just how he rolls. he wears the kids pretty frequently though, now that we've got carriers that he likes. dd, several times a week, almost every day. ds only on long outings, but at 3 yrs old, ds doesn't like to be worn for long
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