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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

After doing a bit of research I found that Joel was correct, a fork big enough to hold a ring is a fork and it only needs to be one antler! So the guy flat out lied. I'm just going to guess that the guy didn't know what he was doing and his boss is taking advantage of the fact that dh was alone and a new hunter. It really sucks, esp. since we know now it wasn't illegal. But since they have the deer and J hadn't gotten any pics and was alone we have nothing but our word against theirs. So beyond frustrating. That meat would have fed our family through the winter and J's first kill, the pride in that taken from him is what really angers me. Dh talked to some of his work buddies who took his tips and on Friday they hit that area too, they were just on the other side of the ridge from him and saw the same group of deer moving as well. His friend said both the bucks J saw were shooters. Nothing we can do but wait now. *sigh*

Well I have a OLIVE egger?!!! Pretty little Lacey the EE laid her first egg today and it is dark green and speckled brown. I am so tickled about that. So... I've been really bad about counting the eggs and I'm not sure but I think I have 9 or possibly 10 out of the 14 girls laying. I know for sure that both the wyadotte girls haven't laid, the brahma or the partridge rock. They are exactly 23weeks today.

Sarah, I think I'm going to err on the side of possibly too low than high. It all scares me a bit! Good luck with your broody and WOOT! for Solomon being accepted into the flock!

Here's my egg basket today, pretty soon I won't be able to tell them apart.

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