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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
sounds like your rooster throws blue Sarah! Cool. How many chicks do you have now?
Becky just lmk when. I'll need some help with the shipping b/c they'll have to go priority box but I'd be glad to send you straight ee or mixes if you want. Almost lost our speckled sussex norah to a hawk this am. It swooped down just a few feet from me. I was screaming and shooting it with the garden hose. It made one last swipe at her (there were a few running that it was going after) and bit a little chunk of her comb out but left her. I thought for sure she was a goner. Glad I was at least out there to defend her. Just a matter of time in all reality since I do free range them. I don't have the heart to lock them up all day though. I hate this part of chicken keeping. This hasn't been a good weekend. I mentioned once before dh was going deer hunting. He went out again friday and actually did get a buck on Sat morning. He was driving out with it and got stopped by a ranger and when the guy asked to see it he told dh it was an illegal harvest. It was literally a on the fence kill, about 1/8 in short on the hook and the guy wouldn't give it to him. He at least didn't ticket him but all that work and $$ we spent for nothing. What a disappointment. Dh was so excited and eager to get the meat home and properly stored that he didn't get a pic or anything. Just lots of bloody clothing to show for it and a musky jeep. I hate CA sometimes.
Why was it illegal? Sorry a bit confused by that lol I'm in MN and hunting must be very different in CA. Here you buy your license then get in a lottery for a doe permit. Then you can take any size buck or doe here. Some places have size restrictions to help the population out.DH got a doe permit this year, he tries to get a buck the first weekend, then will take a doe the second weekend if the opportunity. arises. Personaly I think doe venisen tastes less gamey.
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