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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

It's very different. There's so many restrictions that most people honestly avoid hunting here. CA does not issue doe tags and as far as I know, no spike tags either. I know you're going...what but that's stupid! Yes. It is. DH would actually rather have doe tags since we wanted to eat the meat, he could care less about the rack. He said that the does were quite fat and happy up there. One buck per zone is all he can have. I explained a little more in my last post, but it really wasn't illegal the guy was misinformed. Dh took a forked deer on the last weekend of the season. Not an ideal kill, but if you want the meat and it's the last few days you take what you can get. The ranger he tried to get his tag signed off with said that the fork wasn't long enough and took it. Turns out, any fork in the upper 2/3 of the antler even if it's only on one horn is a legal shooter. There's no measurement that you have to meet. The guy classified dh's kill as spiked which defined on their website as a smooth horn all the way to the tip and it wasn't, it had a small fork at the top of each horn. Our word against his though, so we are on the bad end of that deal and have no where to go with it. We just have to take whatever punishment they give him and chalk it up to lesson learned, and this is why most people in CA don't report their kills.

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