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Originally Posted by kannondicarpo View Post
We use Hooked on Phonics mixed up with a few sight words a week. After a few other trial and error programs it's going REALLY well. My little guy would much rather work on math than read but now he is really starting to enjoy being able to sound things out.
Both of my kids LOVE Hooked on Phonics! I don't see that many other people talk about it but it has worked so well for us. We have the full Learn to Read program and DS1 should be finished with K this month so we'll just keep moving on to the next levels. We do super short lessons with HOP, like 10 min total. Heck, we do super short lessons on pretty much everything but DS1 thinks the stories are funny and loves the DVD's. DS1 also loves math but I think part of why HOP works so well for him is that it's been the exact same structure all the way through. He knows how the books work and knows what to expect each day. We tried 100 easy lessons and he was so overwhelmed by the size of the book. He had zero interest in it.
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