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I have successfully used Sing Spell Read Write (Pearson Publishing) with 3 children. My third child took FOREVER to master reading. Seriously. She started bugging me to learn to read at age 4, and only now, at age 8, has become a somewhat fluent reader. It was extremely frustrating to me, but the key for her was to break down every step into several smaller steps.

We took several breaks along the way. We would work for a month or two, take a month off, work for a month or two, take a month off. I incorporated a lot of kinesthetic work into her phonics lessons: we practiced writing with sticks in the sand, sidewalk chalk in the driveway, big fat markers on the easel, building with Lauri preschool letters, etc. We read lots of books aloud together. Probably the very best thing we did was to simply back off and enjoy books together. We never completely stopped working at reading, but we slowed waaay down so that she could really truly master every small step. DD also enjoyed watching the SuperWhy program. She knew enough to follow along, but she learned in a non-threatening way how to build the words from letters.

I'm not sure how old your DS is, but if he is 6 or 7, I think you can relax. Spend time reading together. Surround him with beautiful books, go to the library, make reading something you do together. I would completely back off from any formal attempts to teach him to read. Remove the pressure, and he will probably begin to take off in a few months.
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