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Originally Posted by luvsviola
I'd do it in BM if you can so baby is more likely to actually take it. Meds in water might be icky.

I don't know if you need that much water though. DS did Prevaid (if that is it) and we just dumped the pill in a 10 mL syringe with about 7 mL of water in it, shook it, and pumped it on in.
When we were giving her Prevacid it was just 2ml of water but we are switching her to nexxium which is a powder pack and the dr said to put it in 1-2oz of liquid.

I will try wetting my finger for the powder probiotics like pp suggested but until I get better at pumping I guess I'll have to use water, I just pumped for tomorrow's meds but was only able to get 1/2 oz which isn't going to cut it
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