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Re: my baby fell off the bed.

I think it must happen to every baby. The first time my daughter fell off the bed she rolled into a basket of clean laundry I had left next to the bed. The next time she wasn't so fortunate. She fell to the floor but was fine.

My first son was constantly falling down or off of things. He could climb before he could walk. He tumbled head over heals down a flight of carpeted stairs not once, not twice, but 3 times. He would slip past the baby gate and head right for the stairs. He didn't learn his lesson the first time. He did fall from my sisters bed. He was crawling around on the bed and fell off the end and hit chin first jerking his head back. 3 days later he started having seizures. I do think the fall was at least partly to blame even though the doctors said not. Honestly I think it was the fall on top of his traumatic birth. I think the one just pushed him over the edge. Thankfully he did grow out of his seizures. He is the one I was thankfull his falls were down stairs or from a bed. He likes to climb trees. By the time he was 3 years old he could shimmy up the trunk of a tree without the help of branches or a lift. I had to have my younger brother(15 years younger) climb up 20 feet to retrieve him. My son fought him. I could hear my brother telling him to stop fighting or they would both fall. He was higher than the roof of my mother's 2 story house.

My youngest son has also fallen from our bed but I did make sure the mattress and box spring were on the floor to decrease any damage done from a fall. I am greatful he doesn't seem to be quite the climber his older brother was.

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