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Re: How is your diaper station set up? Long post with lots of pictures

We are living in a small townhouse right now so there isn't much space for anything. We have a wide tv stand for our flat screen tv so I pile my pocket diapers and pad folded flats behind one side of the screen and then have a nice basket next to the screen that holds my folded prefolds, diaper covers and wipes. I don't have tons of diapers so everything fits nicely, though I know that my husband doesn't necessarily like having diapers in the living room- but I guess we're even because I don't like the fact that he spent a ton of money on a silly tv

This also works well because I change the baby's diaper on the floor in the living room- I tried keeping diapers in the linen closet upstairs but I couldn't handle running upstairs with a naked baby anymore due to me forgetting to restock the diapers.
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