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Re: NTNP November 4th - November 10th

Been out shopping with all my boys today and had the police called on me b/c I was sitting in the back of my van nursing my baby and a lady only saw my older two and not me and panicked and called the police and then after she saw me in the van, she stuck to her story and didn't tell the police that SHE had made a mistake and ran. The police saw me, my nursing cover and my 5 month old and believed me over a lady with a picture of her phone reflection in my window. I was beyond irritated that she was willing to lie to the police to keep herself out of trouble. I'm sure that the police have better things to do then to harass nursing mothers in Once Upon A Child's parking lot. This is the 2nd time I've had someone over react when I'm IN my van. The other time I jumped out in the ladies face and scared the pants of her. lol! My windows are NOT that dark at all. They are very easy to see through if you try. Other then that the most exicting thing here is my new iron. lol!
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